Dope is what comes to mind when I think of Dani Sax.

Amazing is what comes to mind when I think of Dani Sax turnaround time.

National is what comes to mind when I think of what caliber artist or company Dani Sax represents.

Inspirational is what comes to mind when I think of how Dani Sax gets the job done and it will be

“Dope, Amazing, National and Inspirational”… That’s for you!!

Mr. Moore | CEO


“Ever since I’ve moved my company to the Houston area I’ve depended on Dani Sax Designz for all my web (IP) needs from building my site, logos, CD artwork, blast and all thing that represent my company to the publish.  She has always proven to be a dependable, professional person with outstanding ability.  I depend on her & her ability and she has never let me down”

Thompkins Marketing & Media Group

“Artist & Music Development”

TC Thompkins- CEO


There’s so much that I can say about Dani Saxs Designz. I’ll try to keep this short, GENIUS. Dani has been my go to girl for all my graphic designs and website needs since 2006 to present. She’s has that touch that no other has when it comes to her business. She does it and she does it well. From her work alone on my website design has generated me more business than I can imagine. She’s awesome at what she does and I just love her and her skills to life. I’ve tried others and I must say there is no other like Dani Sax Design. God broke the mold after making her, she’s truly gifted with her skills. A born natural. Diamond and Flossy forever!!!!!! I love you girly!!!! My business wouldn’t be the same without you. She truly elevated me and my businesses. If you don’t have her on your team you need to do it asap because she’s my MVP.

Diva Dolls Hair Studio



Dani Sax is the epitome of professionalism with a vision beyond your wildest expectations.  She will have your website, logo, and any other graphics looking right. From the small to the large she’s got you covered!
Edward Hicks
Tyme to Shine Ent. 


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